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Mind in the Vale of Glamorgan

Mind in the Vale of Glamorgan is a charity that works with and for people with mental health problems.  We believe that mental health problems are very common and can affect any person at any stage of his/her life.  We also believe that many of the ideas that people have about mental illness are based on fear and prejudice and we are committed to challenging these misunderstandings.

Services We Deliver Include:

Mental Health Resource Centres

Wherever someone may live in the Vale of Glamorgan, there will be one of our Mental Health Resource Centres which provide:

  • Social activities shaped by the people who use the service.
  • Information on a wide range of issues and resources.
  • Assistance in helping people get the help and support they need from other organisations.
  • Support for people in developing the skills, experience and confidence they need to find fulfilling occupations.

Locations of our Mental Health Resource Centres:


Vocational Services & Activities

Travellers in Mind is a supported work experience project based in Barry Railway Station Café. It aims to help people who have had mental health problems re-adjust to a working environment, gain confidence and self esteem, and utilise their existing skills as well as developing new ones.  As well as delivering a service to commuters, the café is also the base for Catering in Mind which delivers buffets across the Cardiff and Vale area.  The café also houses the Travellers Gallery creating art opportunities for people recovering from mental health problems.
You can also access Vocational support through our Mental Health Resource Centres (above)

Our commitment to providing quality services

We are committed to providing a quality service that anticipates meets and exceeds the expectations of service users, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders.
We believe we will achieve this by working within the framework of the Quality Management in Mind.